Have you ever heard the saying, “God gave us two ears and one mouth – do twice as much listening as you do talking.”? Well, I heard this from my father on a weekly basis while growing up and I will continue to do just so as I run for County Council in District 5 here in Frederick County.

My name is Michael Blue. For over 31 years, I have been the proud owner and operator of Brownies Auto Service located in Walkersville, MD. I have served on the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office for over 7 years and this is my 4th year as its President.

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``There needs to be more emphasis placed on what our common goals are ... what is best for Frederick County. Quality of life is not a Republican or Democrat issue.``

I look forward to earning your trust and vote for County Council – District 5.

As a loyal resident of Frederick County for nearly 50 years, and a Frederick County small business owner for over 31 years, I am fully committed to improving the prosperity of Frederick County and its residents.

I think our quality of life here in Frederick County is directly related to how our government
functions and strong leadership is paramount. Safer communities, good schools, proper
infrastructure, and social services are not only expected but deserved by all citizens.

Frederick County has a rich heritage and beauty that needs to be preserved and enhanced
where possible for our generation and generations to come.

I, Michael Blue, humbly ask for your vote for Frederick County Council District 5.

+ Years
Frederick County Resident
+ Years
Small Business Owner
+ Years
Citizens Advisory Committee
+ Years
President of Citizens Advisory Committee

2018 Frederick County Maryland Gubernatorial Election Information